The A-20 is the Soviet Tier IV Light Tank.

In comparison to other tanks of its class, like the Leopard, the A-20 is easier to hit due to its bigger size, but can compensate for that with its excellent turning ability. Like other scouts, the A-20 boasts advanced radios and excellent maneuverability. It's armament can be considered powerful for it's class: use it fully when in battles against the vehicles of its tier. It also has a powerful autoloader that can deal some damage but comes with a long reload time.

This tank, unlike other tanks, is considered more unique than other normal light tanks.

It's considered one of the most agile light tanks, in overall mobility. It scores very high in mobility: 800 and with the removed speed governor, 815. The mobility can be used to zip around the battlefield and take passive scout locations or take important locations (such as the hill at the middle of Mines). However, because it takes the shape of a T-34, it's a somewhat large target, especially when you compare it to other tanks.

Its armament at the top is a 47mm semi-auto cannon, with only 47mm of penetration. Players who read the stats of the guns will prefer the 45mm VT-42, because of its higher penetration capacity, with low alpha. The 75mm has 10mm of less penetration and more inaccurate, which trades for more alpha. Otherwise, is doesn't hold any 75mm guns and other armament that can penetrate heavier targets.

This tank can be hard to master, as it doesn't play like other light tanks. However, if you mastered the BT-7, A-20 should not be too hard to grind off.

Overall, it's a very capable scout and fun to use when you know how to use it.

The following is spoilers and historical inaccuracy about this vehicle! Do not open unless you are prepared for the spoilers! The reason Wargaming did this is due to game balancing in most cases!

  • The only planned gun for this tank was the 45mm 20K
    • The T-46 receives the same guns one tier earlier
    • The 75mm was planned for the A-32 and A-34, not the A-20
  • This tank was a prototype of the T-34
    • It would then lead to the A-30, then the A-32, and then the A-34
      • The A-34 was the pre-production design of the tank, with a one-piece hull.


Tier Gun Penetration




Rate of fire




Aiming time




IV 76 mm L-11 68/75/38 110/110/156 10 0.51 2.9 660 25990
IV 45 mm VT-42 75/110/23 55/55/65 26.09 0.37 1.9 312 20540
III 37 mm ZiS-19 58/92/19 40/40/50 26.09 0.39 1.9 200 4250
II 45 mm 20K 51/88/23 47/47/62 26.09 0.46 1.9 250 2530
V 37 mm Automatic SH-37 46/62/19 40/40/50 54.22 0.45 2.3 200 26980

Tier Turret Turret Armor (front/sides/rear)


Turret Traverse Speed


View Range




III A-20 mod. 1938 25/25/25 45 300 1200 1880
IV SP-3 37/37/25 50 330 1300 5170

Tier Engine Engine Power


Chance of Fire on Impact




V V-2 480 15 750 18750
VI V-2-34 500 15 750 27860

Tier Suspension Load Limit


Traverse Speed


Rmin Weight


III A-20 mod. 1938 19.5 44 B/2 5000 1420
IV A-20 mod. 1940 19.95 46 B/2 5000 3580

Tier Radio Signal Range






IV 9R 325 80 1980
IX 12LL 615 110 33600