The A-32 is a Soviet, tier 4, premium medium tank. It is currently not available in the in-game store.

This tank is an improved version of the A-20, with more health, armor and a decent gun with higher penetration. It's best used as a scout tank.

Unlike the A-20, its a medium tank with identical mobility. It also weighs a hefty 20 tons and has an unusual feature: a 60mm "ram bar", so it's a workable ramming tank.

The armament isn't too much, though. It's a tier III 76mm gun with 66mm of penetration, which is a slight downgraded version of the A-20's 76mm. It's still a decent gun, but not should be relied on too much, as it struggles to penetrate heavier targets (Such as the B1 and KV-1).

The armor is almost identical as the A-20 (With the exception of the ram-bar). It does have 20 more hit points, so you can afford more shots to take.

This tank is currently only available to purchase in the RU server.

The following is spoilers and historical inaccuracy about this vehicle! Do not open unless you are prepared for the spoilers! The reason Wargaming did this is due to game balancing in most cases!

  • This tank was the 2 prototype of the T-34 before production.
    • The final prototype was the A-34, but it was changed to equip a 57mm gun.
  • This tank was originally classified as a light tank