Battleships are the quintessential "heavy hitters" of World of Warships and offer a triple threat to their opponents. Massive firepower coupled with heavy armor make them the deadly juggernauts of the sea. Secondary gun batteries make them a serious threat to smaller vessels, and the many anti-aircraft guns lining their decks offer a tremendous amount of anti-aircraft defense.

Despite their clumsiness and large size, battleships are able to accelerate to significant speeds. However, they react slowly and need a lot of time to stop. A battleship captain has to be extremely careful as a quick destroyer can take advantage of this situation.

  • Plan your route in advance. High inertia makes it difficult for a battleship to stop or change course.
  • Use scout airplanes to avoid ambushes but remember - the enemy may locate and try to destroy them before you can identify any danger.
  • The most penetrable areas of this ship are the elements of horizontal (deck) and vertical (belt and barbettes) armor, so be sure to hide these weaknesses from the opposition.
  • Try to be out of range of enemy guns during the entire battle.
  • While navigating the map on your appointed course, use that time to utilize the battleship’s air defense to protect your fleet.

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