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The Churchill III is a Tier V Soviet Premium Heavy Tank. It is a Soviet modification of a Churchill tank.

Real Life History Of The Churchill

Although in truth the Churchill was originally a British built tank named after their war time priminister (Winston Churchill) seeing as the soviet union were also alies they would have had access to this tank.The Churchill was developed when the alies realised that war in Europe may take place in simillar conditions to WWI (World War One) so the Churchill was built with wide treads on its tracks despite this it also saw action in North Africa, Italy and North West Europe.

A great many Churchills where put to service by the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front (Which explains why it is listed as a Soviet Union tank in World Of Tanks).

In-Game play

The Churchill III  was one of the first British tanks in-game. Known prior to the release of the British tech tree simply as the "Churchill". The Churchill III is a variant of the Churchill I, removing the giant howitzer the Churchill I had, and equipping it with side skirts, giving the tank better track protection against SPG's. The Churchill III is equipped with the historical 6-pounder QF (quick-firing), and as such is equipped with a fast-firing gun, yet as such has low alpha-damage, while it does have good penetration. The tank has quite a low top speed, and as such cannot keep up with a fast-paced battle. While the tank is reported to have tough armour, this really only applies to the front plate, and even then it does not refer to all of the area. To properly play this tank one must  angle the hull to avoid damage. It is also relatively low tier and acts as a excellent trainer for your Soviet crew. In a good match it can earn tens of thousands of credits but is very cheap to purchase.