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France is a country represented in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks

France's tanks can be found within the French Tanks category.

French heavy tanks are known for paper-thin armor, but compensated by devastating autoloading guns that can kill tanks in one clip.

French light tanks are known for cumbersome and pocket heavy gameplay style until the ELC BIS where true light tank gameplay is presented, then the AMX 12t and beyond: autoloading and swift gameplay styles.

The French tech-tree is known for its chaotic advancements. Light tank gameplay suddenly shifts between the AMX 40 and ELC BIS, artillery gameplay shifts significantly shifts between the AMX 13 AM and AMX 13 F3 and then a unique gameplay-style is brought at the top of the artillery line: B-C 155 58, then the AMX M4 51 and 54 shifts to heavy armor and non-autoloader armament, then finally, cumbersome sniper TDs then suddenly shift to flexible, mobile TDs with autoloaders between the ARL V39 and AMX AC 46.

With update 1.4, France now has a set of researchable wheeled vehicles.