The IS-3 is a tank from the Soviet Union in the game World of Tanks. It is a Tier VIII Soviet Heavy Tank.

The first IS tank to have the pike-nose design, this tank is definitively one of the most popular tier 8 tanks. This tank is one of the most heavily armed tier 8's there are, combining a thick, sloped turret and sloped armor, this tank can also make a decent top speed (38 kmh). Playing this tank, use it as a battering ram, smashing through enemy lines with supporting tanks. Fighting this tank, always try to outflank it or rush it with allies. If forced to fight frontally, try to aim for the pike-nose at a flat angle as this is one of the only frontal weakspots. It is also has extremely strong sides that are resistant to the ISU-152 shells and even the Jagdpanzer E 100 shots. It has a front mounted turret that allows it to respond while in a sidescraping position, so reverse sidescraping is highly preferable for the IS-3. When in a regular sidescraping position, it can’t respond to the enemy. When hiding your lower glacis plate and only exposing your pike nose, enemies will often aim for the turret roof, if possible, as it is only 20 mm thick and can even be penetrated by a HE shell effectively. But it’s hard to hit and most enemies will try to approach you one on one instead of from a distance unless there armor is impenetratable to your gun, which is difficult for most tanks.


How to play the IS-3-2

How to play the IS-3-2

How to play the IS-3