The Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer is a Tier IV German Tank Destroyer.

This tank is considered one of the best tanks to play with, as it holds up well against equal tiered opponents and versus just fine against tier V opponents.

The user can choose the hard hitting 10.5cm, or the fast firing, more accurate 7.5cm.

The 7.5cm is pretty average for its tier. Good penetration, decent DPM, average alpha, and acceptable accuracy.

The 10.5cm, on the other hand however, is the better gun to choose over the 7.5cm. Better DPM, 350 alpha with AP, and rather fast firing for its calibre and tier. The HE shell offers greater alpha (410 alpha damage to be exact!) at the cost of penetration and slightly more expensive ammunition per shot. HE is great for damaging light skinned targets and heavy targets that AP can't do. However, it is recommended to bring along some AP, as HE doesn't always penetrate wholly. AP will still work on light skinned targets. Some goes for HEAT (Just be aware of spaced armor).

The gun arcs on both guns are lopsided towards the right of the tank, which can be useful in certain situations.

The armor is quite good also, with upper frontal armor that can resist most tier IV shots and some tier V shots. The LFP is rather weak, reaching only 77mm, although it is still enough to bounce some shots. The sides and rear however, must be protected at all times, as it is only 20mm and 8mm. The mobility will come in handy, as it can reach speeds of 42 km/h and has excellent traversing capabilities, which can prove difficult to outmaneuver, even for light tanks.

However, the view range is rather low, reaching only 260m.

Also be wary of the commonly placed transmission of German vehicles. Expect shots the enter the lower glacies to damage the transmission.

Despite the disadvantages, the Hetzer is a very fun tank to play. Its play style leans towards aggressive and pushy, using its armor and devastating firepower against its enemies. Uptiered, it should support its teammates, help push a flank, or sit back and support with sniper fire. Play this tank correctly, it will reward you greatly.

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