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The KV-220 is a Soviet, tier 5, premium heavy tank. It is currently not available in the in-game store. Identical in all ways to the KV-220 Beta-Test. It was granted as gift to beta testers on the RU and SEA servers. This tank is equipped with a KV-3 hull, KV-1 turret, and has the same stock gun as the KV-1. It is a generally good tank, and can handle itself in a tier 5 match. In tier 6 matches however, the penetration is not enough and even when penetrating, your low damage output will show itself. It is not really a favorable tank in gun characteristics but has excellent front armor for its tier, at 120 mm but the turret can be penetrated by higher tier tanks since it is only 90 mm thick. Able to sidescrape effectively, it has 100 mm of side armor so be sure to place yourself at the front lines as it suits the tank well; you don’t need to deal a lot of damage or any but soak up damage with your sides and let your more powerful allies take the shots. It is quite large and easy to spot and sets you back in gold at 1500. It also has 100 mm of side armor, quite rare and can even be impenetratable to some lower tier Light Tanks from all sides but take notice - you are one of the slowest tanks and quite heavy so you can ram if you can connect with your opponent and make sure they don’t run away.