Warplanes in World of Warplanes are divided up by country and weight. Below is a full list of warplanes.


Name Class Tier
P-12 Multirole Fighter I
P-23 Fighter II
Hawk 75M Fighter III
P-36 Fighter IV
P-40 Fighter V
P-51A Fighter VI
P-51D Fighter VII
P-51H Fighter VIII
FJ-1 Fighter XI
F-86A Fighter X
F2F Multirole Fighter II
F3F Multirole Fighter III
F2A Multirole Fighter IV
F4F Multirole Fighter V
F4U-1 Multirole Fighter VI
F4U-4 Multirole Fighter VII
F2G Multirole Fighter VIII
F6U Multirole Fighter IX
F7U Multirole Fighter X
XF4F-3 Premium Fighter IV
XF4U-1 Premium Fighter V


Name Class Tier
I-5 Multirole Fighter I
I-15 Multirole Fighter II
I-16 (e.) Multirole Fighter III
I-16 (l.) Multirole Fighter IV
I-17 Fighter IV
LaGG-3 Fighter V
Yak-1 Fighter V
Yak-7 Multirole Fighter V
La-5 Fighter VI
Yak-9 Multirole Fighter VI
Yak-1M Fighter VI
La-7 Fighter VII
Yak-9U Multirole Fighter VII
Yak-3 Fighter VII
La-9 Fighter VIII
Yak-15 Fighter VIII
La-160 Fighter IX
Yak-19 Fighter IX
La-15 Fighter X
Yak-30 Fighter X
TSh-2 Attack Aircraft II
TSh-3 Attack Aircraft III
BSh-2 Attack Aircraft IV
IL-2 Attack Aircraft V
IL-2 (t) Attack Aircraft VI
IL-8 Attack Aircraft VII
IL-10 Attack Aircraft VII
IL-20 Attack Aircraft VIII
IL-40 Attack Aircraft IX
IL-40P Attack Aircraft X
P-40 M-105 Premium Fighter V
LBSh Premium Attack Aircraft IV
IL-2 (mod.) Premium Attack Aircraft V


Name Class Tier
Ar 65 Multirole Fighter I
He 51 Fighter II
Ar 68 Fighter II
Fw 159 Fighter III
Ar 80 Fighter III
He 112 Fighter IV
Bf 109 B Fighter IV
Fw 190 V Multirole Fighter V
Bf 109 E Fighter V
Fw 190 A-5 Multirole Fighter VI
Bf 109 F Fighter VI
Fw 190 D Multirole Fighter VII
Bf 109 G Fighter VII
Ta 152 Fighter VIII
Me 209 A Fighter VIII
Ta 183 Fighter IX
Me P.1092 Fighter IX
Fw 252 Fighter X
Me P.1101 Fighter X
Ao 192 Heavy Fighter II
Fw 57 Heavy Fighter III
Bf 110 B Heavy Fighter IV
Bf 110 E Heavy Fighter V
Me 410 Heavy Fighter VI
Bf 109 Z Heavy Fighter VII
Me 262 Heavy Fighter VIII
Me 262HG II Heavy Fighter IX
Me 262 HG III Heavy Fighter X
Me 209 V Premium Fighter V
Bf 110 C-6 Premium Heavy Fighter IV


Name Class Tier
Type-91 Multirole Fighter I
A4N Carrier-Based Fighter II
A5M Carrier-Based Fighter III
A6M1 Carrier-Based Fighter IV
A6M1 Carrier-Based Fighter V
A6M5 Carrier-Based Fighter VI
A7M Carrier-Based Fighter VII
J7W1 Multirole Fighter VIII
J7W2 Multirole Fighter IX
J7W3 Multirole Fighter X


Name Class Tier
Goldfinch Multirole Fighter I
Bulldog Fighter II
Bristol 133 Fighter III
Bristol 146 Fighter IV
Spitfire I Fighter V
Spitfire V Fighter VI
Spitfire IX Fighter VII
Spitfire XIV Fighter VIII
Attacker Fighter IX
Swift Fighter X
Demon Multirole Fighter II
Skua Multirole Fighter III
Blenheim F Heavy Fighter IV
Beaufighter Heavy Fighter V
Mosquito Heavy Fighter VI
Hornet Heavy Fighter VII
P.1056 Heavy Fighter VIII
P.228 Heavy Fighter IX
Javelin Heavy Fighter X
M.20 Premium Fighter V
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