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The M3 Lee is a Tier IV American Medium Tank.

This tank is considered the worst tank out of all tanks by player opinion.

It is fast and agile tank (For its size and class at least) with a solid default cannon. Its top turret has no real function, and serves as a disadvantage, giving the tank a larger and more vulnerable profile. It has 50mm of armor, but its unreliable since it not well angled. It supplies a good gun and has a decent profile, but is considered a Medium Tank when it has pointless turret that can’t move and relies on a gun mounted to the right.

This tank is like no other. It has a viable cannon, yet is mounted on a side sponson, meaning it cannot engage enemies from its side or rear. This tank should not be played in a wolfpack, as it lacks the flanking ability of others. The M3 is certainly a breakthrough tank when it's a top tier tank, supported by friendlies that can take care of flanking tanks, or when in lower tier matches, staying at the back and sniping with the tank destroyers. Remember that your gun is mounted lower then the maximum height of the tanks, so avoiding hills is a must, unless you're certain they're no enemies on the other side.