In- Game

The MS-1 is a Tier I Soviet Light Tank. You have to start with MS-1, if you want to be a Soviet tank commander. It can be somewhat harder to hit than the Leichtraktor and the T-1 Cunningham due to its smaller size, but the MS-1 has slightly less HP. It is also noted that it is one of the cheapest tanks to acquire Regimental school training status due to having only 2 crew members. It boasts good frontal armor able to resist some shells from other starter tanks, but higher tier level tanks will have no problem shooting through your frontal armor. It is also quite slow, like the Renault FT, and should stay in the middle of the fighting; definitely not on the front lines. It boasts a gun with powerful punch, bit relatively inaccurate, but this is the theme of the Russian tanks and you should get used to it early on. Or you could go with a autoloader.


The MS-1 (Maliy Soprovozhediya- Perviy, "First Small [Vehicle for] Support) or otherwise known as the T-18 tank is the first Soviet designed tank. Produced from 1928-1931, it apparently had an unsuccessful designs, but they gave the Soviet industry its first experience on designing armored vehicles.

From MS-1 you can research:

SU-18 (SPG) (in game)

T-26 (Light tank) (in game)

BT-2 (Light tank) (in game)

AT-1 (TD) (in game)