The Maus is one of the Germans tier 10 heavy tanks, the other being the E-100. The Maus has the most hit points in the game, at 3000. The Maus has the distinction of being the heaviest tanks in-game, weighing in at 188 tonnes, making it the perfect battering ram, though this is offset by a slow speed of only 20 KP/H. A common tactic with this tank is to make use of its rear mounted turret and sidescrape, making sure to hid the large lower glacis plate, which like other German tanks holds the transmission, normally causing fires when hit. On maps where sidescraping is not possible, it is recommended to be near the front lines, absorbing damage. Beware though, the rear mounted turret causes the Maus to be at a disadvantage at close quarters fighting, meaning it can be difficult to combat low to the ground tanks, such as Russian heavy tanks. Play this tank correctly, and it may well lead your team to victory. On open maps the Maus cannot perform its function as team leader, as you have a very large profile and are incredibly slow, so you’ll be likely to be blasted near the start of the battle or you can hide for the rest of the battle, being useless to your teammates.

Top Configuration

This configuration applies to the highest possible modules that can be mounted onto this tank without equipment, perks, camo, or skills applied with a 100% trained crew.

Also note that the shell penetration is done a 100m or less, corresponding to the shell type being used.


Horsepower: 1750

Power/weight ratio: 9.26 hp/t

Traverse: 15 deg/s

Weight: 188.98/192.9 t

Pivot: Yes


Shells: AP/APCR/HE

Penetration: 246/311/65 mm

Alpha Damage: 490/490/630

Rate Of Fire: 4.51 r/m

Damage Per Minute: 2209.9

Accuracy: 0.36m

Aiming Time: 2.1s

Gun Arc: -180/180 degrees

Gun Elevations: -8/+24 degrees

Ammo Capacity: 68 shells


Chance Of Fire: 12%

View range: 400m

Signal Range: 720m

Camouflage Rating: Stationary: 1.43% Moving: 0.86%


Hit Points: 3000

Hull Armor: 200/185/160 mm

Turret Armor: 260/210/210 mm

Weak Spots: LFP, Rear

Researching Order

Follow these steps in order. These steps are arranged to minimize the pain of stock grinding. Click Open to read.

Tank comes elite. No research required.

The following is spoilers and historical inaccuracy about this vehicle! Do not open unless you are prepared for the spoilers! The reason Wargaming did this is due to game balancing in most cases!

  • Turret armor in-game is thicker: 260mm compared to 240mm in real life.