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The Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) is a German Tier II Premium Light Tank.

This tank has heavy and well sloped armor for its tier, as well as a powerful gun. It's gun has good stats all around, its only weakness being the slow-average turret turn speed. It is a slow light tank of the early tiers and like all heavies, it is also slow to turn maneuver, or move itself in general, so be careful to watch your flanks or a light tank may shred you to pieces. Using it, take it slow and remember you are committed to the path you choose as long paths are generally a bad idea. Against it, flank and try to run circles around it. The only real weak spot on the front is, as with almost all German tanks, the lower glacis plate, as it is easily penetrated by anybody. Like other low level Premium Tanks, it is cheap to buy at only 750 gold.