The PzKfw VI Tiger is a Tier VII German heavy tank.


The PzKpfw VI Tiger was designed in Germany in 1942 to combat the Soviet KV-1 Tank. It was a highly successful design that first saw combat in the battle of Kursk.

In Game

In game the Tiger can be accessed from the VK2801 and the VK3601H. At stock the Tiger comes with an inadequate 75mm gun and a small, unprotected turret. The 75mm gun is still adequate for engaging tier 5 and below but anything higher will be too much for the gun to handle. Once the turret is upgraded the Tigers armors effectiveness multiplies. With the 88mm L71 Gun this tank can engage tier 10s and effectively damage them. It has weak frontal armor, only 100 millimeters but equips a good gun with okay dpm. It is effective at medium ranges where it can fire accurately but still keep itself safe. When in a situation against a light tank, the Tiger can fight back as it has a top speed of 40 kmh and a large amount of hit points.