The T-44 is the Soviet tier 8 medium tank. It features a new hull compared to the T-34s ans T-43: a lower profile design with 90mm armor at a sharp angle on the front which makes this tank an uneasy target. Turret design is similar to that of the T-34-85 and T-43 tanks, except now it's better armoured: 120mm on front. However, armament capacities are identical to that of the aforementioned tanks (except for the 122mm which has a slow rate of fire), and that might be considered a disadvantage: It's counterparts, the American M26 Pershing and the German Panther II, both have a higher armour penetration of their top canon. However, this factor will not be much of an issue if you use the T-44's excellent qualities of a medium tank to their full potential: low silhouette, strong armor, big amount of HP and great mobility will make this tank a hard job to destroy at range, and even harder when it gets into close range fighting. If facing targets that's front armor is penetrable, the T-44 can hould it's ground in a head to head firefight against vehicles of up to tier 9 fairly efficiently.