The T-54 is a Tier IX Soviet Medium Tank. Fast and swift like its predecessor, the T-54 ltwt., it is much more armored than it with 120 mm of frontal armor well sloped which can resist some shells but has 80 mm of side armor, allowing it to sidescrape effectively against very powerful guns, but some guns can penetrate it in a sidescraping position. It has a decent gun with a good rate of fire, though its penetration you may find quite low but has a very low profile and definitely should be a scout as there are no Tier IX scouts and run up the side of an E 100, for example, and shoot into its sides while the E 100’s gun depression cannot compensate for such a low profile. It’s turret is not as streamlined as the T-54 ltwt.’s, but has a strong gun matlet and 200 mm of nominal armor that can also resist shells effectively.