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The T110E5 is a tier-10 American heavy tank. It replaced the T30 in the 0.7.2 patch. It has an impenetrable belt 254 mm thick and a upper glacis extremely well sloped at 140 mm thick. Unfortunately, it has paper-thin sides at 76 mm and a rear of only 36 mm. It’s also easy to hit the ammo rack located at the back of the turret and along the sides of the tank. Some people call it a “ammo rack on tracks”. When first introduced to the game, it replaced the T30 as the Tier X vehicle. Outrage exploded across the game as people saw this tank only dealt 400 damage per shot instead 750? Not long after, the rage faded away as people saw this was a balanced mobile heavy tank with good dpm and average penetration. It has a cupola that anyone can hit but moving your turret quickly may prevent some enemies from hitting it. Good traverse speed and hull turning speed prevent the T110E5 from being outmanuevered.