This vehicle was removed from the game (Possibly due to game balancing reasons). This page is preserved for historical reasons.

The T82 is a Tier-3 American tank destroyer.

240px-T82 HMC render 1

This tank was converted into the T82 HMC.

This tank, before it was removed, was a low tier SU-152. It had a set of howitzers, at the top: a powerful 122mm direct-fire howitzer, capable of one-shotting any tanks at its tier and cripple anything that can block the HE shell from penetrating.

However, it was an open-topped, which meant that it had poor armor and was open-topped. It also had somewhat poor traversing capabilities. It also had really low health points so it only took a few tank shots to blow it up.

In some patch, this tank was moved up a tier and reclassified as an SPG. The T56 GMC meanwhile took the place of the tier III American Tank Destroyer.