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Not what you are looking for? Were you looking for the Valentine?

The Valentine II is a Tier IV Soviet Premium Light Tank.

This tank was offered in game through the Lend-Lease act. It's available for purchase in the standard store and given away as a gift to those joining the 2nd phase of closed beta.

The tank retains the heavy armour of the British Valentine, but it comes with special matchmaking that limits the tanks it see to tier 4 and below. The tank has a 45mm 20KL cannon, which is also the same gun that several other Soviet premium tanks use, such as the BT-SV and the T-127. While it has sufficient penetration, rate of fire and damage, the gun isn't as potent against heavily armoured tanks, such as the B1 and Matilda, and has surprisingly thick armor but it is quite slow. It is relatively cheap at only 1000 gold, affordable by many players.

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