World of Warships
World of Warships
Developer(s) Wargaming
Engine Encore™
Version 0.8.0
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) 9/17/2015
Genre(s) online action
OS Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 with latest service pack.
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 or AMD Phenom II X3 720.
RAM 2 gb
GPU Nvidia GeForce GT 440 or AMD Radeon HD 5670 or Intel HD Graphics 5000.

World of Warships is an online tactical shooting massive multiplayer game developed by, where players take to the seas in large naval warships. Players can play with friends or join the queue to be matched with other skilled captains. Each battle is a unique experience; World of Warships boasts dozens of maps and game modes, hundreds of combinations of ships and equipment, and dozens of diverse crew skills.


Players can have four different kinds of ships: Aircraft carriers, Battleships, Cruisers (both heavy and light), and Destroyers.

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers scout the battlefield, send squadrons of dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighter planes to wreak havoc upon the enemy. Though they're lightly armed themselves, their wide array of aircraft make them a micro-manager's dream come true.


The real heavyweights of the World of Warships universe. Possessing massive guns, thick armor, and bristling with secondary armaments, these behemoths ply the seas with impunity.


A versatile and multi-purpose class of ship--each comes with its own loadout containing a combination of anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, or even aircraft launchers. All cruisers are known for their high rate of fire; making them the perfect vessel to apply pressure to enemy forces at any stage in the battle.


The fastest and most agile class of ships--lightly armored but possessing huge firepower in the form of torpedoes. In battle, destroyers can use smoke screens; which allows them to cover its own torpedo attack or hide allied ships.